Representing the digital self in the offline world

This project explores the relationship between self-representation and one’s social interaction. It incorporates avatar research on social networking platforms such as virtual reality chat rooms. Host is a social avatar game, which was designed to serve as an investigation tool for online and offline behavior. It aims to be an instrument for detaching self-representation from a person. Moreover, Host proposes to create an experimental situation in which one possesses the figure of someone else. The research process of the project was guided by an evaluation of the tools and settings of a series of experiments. The common denominator of the various trials in this project was the application of digital ethology in the real-world and vice versa. Finally, the results of the project were analyzed from four perspectives: Role relationship, behavioral boundaries, self-representation, and social interaction.

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# Mia's Story


# Case1 - J&M

20:47-20:57 / 2 Mar 2018

# Case2 - L&M

21:34-21:44 / 15 Mar 2018

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